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January 18, 2010


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One of the real tragedies was that much of the carnage described here was even worse than unnecessary from a geostrategic standpoint. The surrender terms we got after assaulting Iwo Jima and Okinawa and dropping the two A-bombs were what the Japanese would almost certainly have agreed to but for our very wrongheaded "unconditional surrender" demand. They did not surrender until we dropped that demand and allowed them to keep not just the emperor system but Emperor Hirohito, himself. See "Forrestal Ignored: Korean War Fought, China Lost to Reds"https://www.dcdave.com/article5/110530.htm and "Oliver Stone on the Japanese Surrender." http://dcdave.com/article5/130122.htm In the latter article I demolish the Stone thesis that it was the Soviet declaration of war on Japan that finally caused the Japanese to surrender.

Anny R

Wow... I worked for the French Army for 13 years and as a spirit filled Christian do NOT condone war or violence of any kind. THis is where my husband (also a CHristian) and I disagree... I see so much fog around Americans, that believe a Christian has to be Republican and has to be a supporter of the troops. Jesus is neither, is what I hear him saying...
I have great respect for military men and women, I understand their motives. Yet that does not make them right and I do not live under the eye for an eye law, but Jesus' grace. "You don't know what THEY are like" I'm told. I think I'm very aware of the mindsets... I also know what hate begets. More hate. More fear. We do not live by example. We are to turn the other cheek (and yes, my first reaction if someone hurts my child is to use whatever object to hit the assaillant, yet that doesn't make it right. THe weapon of choice would be prayer, dire prayer, of course). We are to be known in the world by our love.


Jean :Mercy is my salvation


a priceless message written in blood,
let everyone hear.

Zabelka: Mercy is my salvation.

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